Monday, April 8, 2013

Baby Teething Toys - New Collection at Casa De Gato on Etsy

I am happy to announce that  new spring collection of baby teething toys is now available at Casa De Gato store on Etsy.

These new flower's teething toys are perfect for keeping your baby occupied.

*  The flower rustles when crumpled
*  Beads to slide through loops and rings at both sides
*  Bright colors, different textures and forms to develop scenes and fine motor skills
*  It can be hung (on a mobile, baby stroller, baby carrier, when breastfeeding/bottle feeding)
    by  sliding the big bead into the thread loop.
*  Made of 100% natural materials, safe for teething baby

2 wooden rings are used.
The big ring is made of ash tree and measures about 6 cm (2.2 inch) and perfect for baby's hand.
Perfect for teething baby. Great baby shower gift

Made from 100 % cotton fabric and cotton thread, ash wood rings and Juniper wood beads.
Washable. Hand wash with mild soap.

The nursing toy can be made in any fabric I have available, if you see any particular sample that you like in my shop, please, contact me and I'll make special one for you.