Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life and Hobby, Life with kids.

Hello and welcome to my blog. The blog is going to be about my life and my hobby as well as life with kids in general. Thank you for stepping by.
My name is Galia and I live in Israel in a holly city of Jerusalem.
I was born in Russia in a town on the coast of the great river Volga.

One of the things that I miss most hear in Israel is this wide water where I could swim all the summer.
In this town began my story which I am going to tell you now.
 Once upon a time there was a little girl who liked to play with dolls, but didn't have clothes for them. When I was 4 my mother got pregnant with my brother and during her pregnancy leave could spend more time with me at home. She taught me knitting and bit of sewing. Then, when my brother was born the situation reversed and now I had plenty of time alone. So I started doll's cloths creations. I used old cloths of mine and very quickly my dolls became the most dressed up dolls, perhaps, in the entire town :) At the same time my gram showed me crocheting, but all I did was a few small blankets for a toy bed. I didn't like knitting and crocheting at that time much, so my passion transformed to other kinds of crafting: I tried many things – sewing for myself, creating jewelry from beads and fimo, even painting. None of this went far.

Time had passed; I moved to Israel, was studying in the university and got my first full time job. I also found a new hobby that took most of my free time – cave exploring.

I got married and my son was born. This was the first time after a long brake when I returned to crafting. Unfortunately, my son was a preterm baby, and had some health problems, so I wanted to create warm toys for him, that also help in development. This is how my first crochet bear was born. Then I returned to work and didn't have much time for craft. But everything changed when I've got pregnant the second time. Almost all the pregnancy I spent at home. I understood that this is my chance to change the reality and finally show my creations to others. During the pregnancy I started my first nursing necklaces creation and after my daughter was born I opened my Etsy shop.