Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toys guid for young parents

When my first son was born I actually knew nothing about baby toys, just nothing. I knew theoretically that little ones play ruffles, or may be some funny sounding toys, but nothing more. I was looking at the local baby stores and feeling completely lost in this sea of possibilities. I was overwhelmed by all those variations of small and big, cheap and expensive, natural and artificial toys. What will my son like? And more importantly what will be safe and educational for him? I guess most of the new parents are asking themselves the same questions I did.

  Well, time passed and I understood that no one can really answer these questions since all children are different and some toys can be perfect for one and be useless for the other. A few tips from parents who have used the toy can really help. So this is what I am going to do in this and a few other publications - share our experience.

   I want to start with our very new toy, since we've got it as an unexpected present from a very nice girl and also because both my children (3 years and 8 month) surprisingly love it very much. So we've got a pair of Waldorf wooden toys - man and women. I will not tell here about Waldorf's philosophy, since there is lots of info on internet. I will tell that the dolls are wonderful for the toddlers to play role games: you can tell a lot of stories using these dolls, my son is already telling such stories to me. As for my baby daughter - these dolls are perfect for her as well - wonderful size for her small arms and natural wood is safe for teething.

  Oksana has a rich choice of the Waldorf toys in her store, she is not only selling the wooden toys, she sews amazing dolls and creates many other unique things. I am completely in love with her cute toys and planning to order the 'GROWN UP DOLL' for my daughter's first birthday :)


  1. Thank you very much, Galya.
    I am very pleased to read your article.
    selection of toys for me is not accidental.
    Since childhood I love to play with little kids, I have a daughter 18 and son 2 years.
    I have a pre-school teacher.
    and I know what toys can be given to children, and I understand, I feel if they are safe.
    Compliments your little princess! She is very sweet!

  2. These dolls are really good, I already want another baby to buy a set for her )) They leave a lot to the child's imagination which is important.

    LaFiabaRussa is excellent; obviously the author has background in early learning or something like that, I can see Oksana knows what she is doing (I have a bachelor degree in psychology myself so I can more or less judge). And of course her toys are very attractive, too.