Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Man's Best Friend

 When the Man waked up he said, 'What is Wild Dog doing here?' And the Woman said, 'His name is not Wild Dog any more, but the First Friend, because he will be our friend for always and always and always.

  I always had pets when I was a child: cats, birds, aquarium fishes, hamsters, turtles and even frogs. But I never had a dog. My parents always wanted to adopt one, but they thought that we, as a family, were not ready for the responsibility. 

 When I got married the first thing we did as a new family was adopting a dog :) At that moment I realized how much effort and dedication it requires to raise a dog. I also understood that I will never see such a blind love from any other creature ever.

 This year I decided to start a tradition in my blog which will be called "Wednesday Dog'. Each Wednesday I will be telling you a short story about some dog, each time a new one. I have already collected a number of stories but I am welcoming you to join me. Please, send me stories about your dogs and I will publish them, so at the end of the year we will be able to create a whole photo board of Man's Best Friends :)