Friday, September 14, 2012

Rosh Ha Shana

When I came to Israel, I was fascinated by the amount of holidays here. I knew theoretically what Jewish holidays are, but didn't realize their impact on everyday life of the country. Much more further I counted the actual amount of non working days and understood that it is not that many, it is just that most of them are at fall and in spring. So it makes impression of almost not working season, especially when all the holiday days fall on working days of the week.
The first September holiday is Jewish New Year. I will not tell about it in depth, since all is written many times (for example, in Wiki). It was difficult to get used to the fact that you celebrate New Year somewhere in the middle of autumn, but I overcame it, and now I am fully enjoying these beautiful three days of eating apples dipped in honey, pomegranates and sounding the shofar.
For this coming 5773 year, I wish all of us one of the best greetings I've ever got:
I wish all of us peace in the soul and in the sky. Be happy.


  1. Beautiful greeting :) I wish you that as well!

  2. Galia, thank you! I wish you and your family all the best in the upcoming year too! It is good to have international friends - you can celebrate many holidays )

  3. Great post. Happy 5773 New Year, Gala!