Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas Gifts - Be prepared

 You know how it always happens - you start thinking about next Christmas presents right after it passes but you do nothing. When winter begins you are in a rush to get the gifts to everybody and sometimes you buy things just to fill the gap in the list, in the short amount of time you have left and not because you really like them.

 I decided to gather a few gift and decoration ideas more than a month ahead when I got an unexpected gift from Tonya from CityCrochet. She just sent it to me without any reason. It is a completely magical feeling when you get such a sudden present - just feels like Santa brought it to you. We've received these beautiful acorns

and a rose brooch.

Since we've got such a cool decoration element for the coming holidays, I want to find more original ideas for the rest of my family. And I am going to share my findings with you!

 Amazing christmas decoration stained glass candle holder. This will warm the atmosphere in the house especially when it is freezing outside.

 Next on the list are stunning felted toys created by my friend from Israel. She prepared a whole collection for Christmas, but I especially like this one (Vlada's shop):

One more shop, that I like, produces knitted accessories for women and men (and this is very important, at least I am struggling to find ideas for men's gifts).

 Everyone has many acquaintance (colleagues, friends that are not close enough), so I was also looking for small gifts ideas - something that doesn't cost much but is cute and positive. And I found these ornaments.

I also came with a new collection of necklaces which are a perfect gift for any nursing mom, but also for any woman that likes country style accessories.
 These are just a few ideas, but I hope they'll help to find an inspiration for gift shopping.


  1. Самое время готовиться к Рождеству. Выбирать подарки для близких людей надо обдумано. Очень интересная подборка. Олень такой задумчивый.

  2. Lovely choices, and I especially like those acorns - so festive!

  3. Хорошая подборка!

  4. Excellent selection of ideas for gifts!
    Galya, Thanks!
    Галя, Спасибо!