Friday, October 5, 2012

Discover Israel: Salt Desert

There are a lot of places in our tiny country that are worth visiting though they don't appear in a tourist guide. I met my husband in one of those places, and we visited together many other stunning sites. We used to climb mountains and descend into caves which became almost impossible for us after our first child was born. It is quite a hot place even at winter, and at summer I can travel there only during the night hours, which makes it even more difficult for visiting with small children. Our dog Jarna also never had been at Judaean Desert.

This is why we were very happy when our friends organized a small BBQ between the salt rocks and invited us to join. It was late and we wisely decided to take only Liya with us :)
Jarna was mad about everything and galloped from one hill to another,  but only in the morning I could really understand how high she had managed to climb. This view is zoomed in, since she was really far and I wanted to see her on the picture :)

Liya slept well in the tent (she is 2 month old here :)) Can you see her there?:)
 In the early morning we walked towards the mountains while it was not too hot.
We spent the hot hours in a deep gorge with just enough shadow and even a small pond, where some of us could even swim :), others slept or climbed. Unfortunately not me this time :(

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  1. A-ah! Galia, I so much want to be there with you! I am terribly jealous! Beautiful! And I am sure that soaking in that mud is very pleasant. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are always welcome to visit us :)) Well, winter is better if you'd like to travel around dead sea :)

  2. Ooohhh! It look so cool! I do hope I get to visit the dead sea at some point in my life because it sure looks interesting!