Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kids Bedroom Rennovation Design

 Design of the kids' room is challenging, when the room is small, it is challenging even more. My kids are growing up and they will move to their own room soon, so I decided to go through the new kid's furniture trends to get an inspiration.

 I browsed lots of examples, but decided to show only the best matching to my goal: decoration of a very small room for two toddler kids.

 According to Feng Shui nothing should be stored under beds and bunk beds aren't the best choice. It is also not recommended to hang things above the head. This is exactly what I always felt intuitively. Surprisingly, I found a lot of bunk beds and under bed storage spaces in the contemporary bed rooms' designs. Well, it is space - justified, but we are looking for the comfy feeling, aren't we? As always, let's try to find a compromise.

 The first one that I really like is a modern and quite a minimalistic design from collection of interiors:

This is a very clean and light furniture complex. No massive storage units under the bed and the bunk bed is modified, so only part of the body will be under the second level. And it is quite compact.

 A similar approach, but more girly style here:

A somewhat upgraded twist of the idea above, just much more massive on the indoor design portal:

 The next one I found on, there are many other interesting ideas, so it is worth a visit. This is for a really tiny room, but it came out surprisingly light. Nice walls and matching window treatment. Bold vertical lines allow to wide the room visually.

 There are a few good bedroom decoration ideas here (color scheme mostly), but one design I liked:

 Well, this is for those who have enough space... However, sliding bed idea may be used in the small flats as well. Thought I don't like it personally.

 Another sliding bed option that was found here:

   This design solution I liked visually. Even though there is a lot of storage space under the beds, it looks fantastically light and very space-wise. I found it here. This site is definitely must to have a look at.

I will be happy to hear back from you. What did you like? What kind of design solution do you currently have? Do you want to change it?


  1. Cute...
    My daughter is 11 years older than son, it isn't comfortable to place them into one room. But I think about something beautiful to my son and the future children anyway :)
    Your collection is very very interesting! Thank you!

  2. I like so much this rooms. I always dream about them)

  3. Interesting collection of interior design ideas! I think I would go for the pink one for my little girl... that is if she still likes pink when she is older :)

  4. we're still thinking about how to organize a small room for the baby.
    and here I found a good selection. thanks Galya

  5. Thank you for this very useful review! I liked the design for a tiny room; what I have now for my daughter is very basic and there is not enough space. I need to rethink it somehow.

  6. Мне больше всего понравился последний вариант, он компактный и есть места для хранения, что не маловажное.

  7. These are all great kid's rooms! I agree about not hanging anything over your bed. I see other people put shelves on the wall above the bed and think I could never sleep thinking something would fall on my head! I do use under the bed for storage, though. Maybe one day I'll live in a big house with lots of closets, but for now I have to utilize that space for out-of-season clothes and other things.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you now. :)

  8. Great post, thanks for sharing! They are all really great rooms.

    Glad I found you through Etsy Blog team, following you now!

  9. I'm your newest follower from the "Blogging Buddies follow-me thread" - you have a wonderful blog! Is that a Great Pyreneese (dog) in your etsy shop picture? (I have a Great Pyr - love him!). Here's my blog for a "follow-back":

    1. Oh, yeah - this is my Yarna - Great Pyreneese, I have few posts here about her.

  10. New follower from

    Cute rooms! I have five children and two sets of rule is no toys in the rooms... they are only for sleeping!

  11. Super cute! Found you on blogging buddies! Great blog :)