Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snowy Jerusalem

  Israel is a tiny country, however you can find there up to 18 climate zones. The weather can change dramatically within 30 minutes car ride. One thing is common though - it is not snowing often here.
 Today was one of the fairy days when almost everything stops in the Holy City.

 Snow in Israel is a rear commodity - people admire it but they are not used to the consequences.

  Almost all traffic stops when first snowflakes reach the ground. People stay at home and try to make as much photos as possible to impress their unlucky neighbors who live 30 minutes away and clearly don't have this happiness to see the snow.

They may try to drive to the place, but as I said - we don't drive in the snow, so they probably won't reach it :)
The snow won't last long - 2 days at most, and it is suitable for sculpturing only for the first few hours, so the enthusiasts in need of making a snowman must hurry!


  1. The photos are stunning, especially the first one! And I can imagine the happiness of dogs and kids. We love snow, but we are more used to it than you.