Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bulgaria - Day 2

Well, I will not tell much, I'll better show more pictures :)
This was the first day when we met the horses. It was supposed to be a 'short' day, but for us it seemed quite long.
We came to the stables and each one got his horse.
 I got the only girl-horse named Mavra. She was beautiful :) and quite foolproof :)

During two amazing hours ride to the sea I couldn't take photos, since we left all the potentially 'can fall down' things in the truck.
Finally we arrived to a beautiful lagoon, where lunch had been already prepared for us. However, before we could fuel ourselves we had to take care of the horses. As we found out, horses should take a bath from time to time and that lagoon was an excellent place for a swim. You should know that in spite the fact that horses are good swimmers they do not enjoy the process as expected. So, together with the horses we changed to our bathing suits, meaning that we stripped them of all their bundle on the back: saddle, blanket etc.
Pay attention - we are riding without saddles like prehistoric men.
It is not simple without really knowing how to make the horse (which doesn't really like swimming) enter the water and not to fall down in the process.
Finally the horses were clean...which I can't say about the surrounding water :) - it was full of their excrements - I have already mentioned that horses don't like swimming, haven't  I?
We left them to dry up in the sun in ankle deep water and went to feed ourselves. They didn't move an inch - only when their master called them to get out.

  After the lunch break we had a wonderful trip back in the truck, while my parents rode the horses for the first time:)
Mavra is a stunning horse indeed... so calm :) She was only neighing sometimes when everybody else was galloping, but she had to walk, because my mother is afraid of fast  pace.


  1. What a wonderful day! The horses are beautiful, and you seem to be a rather confident rider. Riding without a saddle should not be very easy!

    1. well, I am not :) it's just an impression. I tried ridding without saddle once at the stable, but there it was much more difficult