Sunday, September 2, 2012

Horse Riding in Bulgaria - Day 1

Well, since I promised and since I don't want to forget, I decided that I had to start telling you the story right now.
This summer I was very eager to do something big after Liya's birth, I was dying to walk out of the house. So as a true speleologist I decided to... ride a horse!
One day I opened my live journal friends' posts and saw that there is a horse riding tour being organized. I knew the girl that was planning that journey, so I didn't hesitate.
8 days tour with 5 days on horseback were planed. First 3 days should be easy - the flight and arrangements, choosing the horses and a short trip to the old town of Sozopol. Then we were supposed to leave for the BIG RIDE.
I invited my parents to join us, so we could look after the children in turns. Two of us were riding and the other two were going behind in the jeep with both our kids.
The flight was at the afternoon, and we had plenty of time for sight seeing after we arrived at the small resort village (Lozinetz).
This is where we stayed:

Liya looking around:

And finally Black Sea:
Surprisingly, I liked it. I always prefer fresh over salt water and I quite hate the Mediterranean Sea for it's very salty and has lots of waves to my taste. Black Sea was almost not salty at all and almost no waves :).
We closed the day with Bulgarian gourmet meal. Liya is saying cheers:
And a glimpse to the next day:

It's not my size!!

BTW Liya is wearing this hat from my shop :)


  1. Looks like you've had a lot of fun :)

  2. I see you have had great time! Wonderful! Your kids are extremely cute.

    I like how you are wearing your baby on your back. I did not feel comfortable although I tried. Maybe next time :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Well, I am just tried this back variant few times and I am still not experienced in it. But practice makes perfect :)