Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ukrainian Borscht

The National Cuisine Week has ended. There were many yummy recipes and we decided to try them all. The first choice was Ukrainian Borscht as the dish which is simply enough for mom with small children but is also perfect for dinner. It is quite tricky to cook with two babies, since each one wants to participate in the process in his own manner. So we missed a few steps and ingredients on the way. Nevertheless the soup was wonderful and we will definitely try it once again and while paying more attention to the details.


  1. I was overloaded, sick and sleepy all the time, and did not cook anything. So sorry I have missed everything... Glad to hear that your soup was a success; I might make it tomorrow, too.

  2. It's nice to see how you are cooking with kids :) They are going to be real helpers for mom when they grew up :)

  3. Mama's little helpers :) They are so cute!